Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

So...... today while we were out skating at a popular downtown phoenix spot, my camera and cell phone were stolen! No this is not a joke, even though I made this post recently and I don't expect anyone to believe me, but it really is true. Some asshole stole my camera practically right in front of me. So now I really can't make anymore videos.

I went a pretty long time without ever getting anything stolen from me, but 2011 is my year to get robbed. First I get my car broken into and my board stolen, and now this.

So since I, like everyone else, am completely and utterly dependent on my cell phone, one of the first things I did was go to the cell phone store to get my old phone reactivated. The funny thing was that on my way home from the skate spot, I 'checked' my phone numerous times. Out of habit, I glanced at the spot in my car that my phone normally is. That little car ride made me realize how silly this cell phone thing is and has gotten. The comment was made today 'Think about like 15 years ago, No one had cell phones.'

So my blog is going to suck again. Here's a list of things that were going to be on the blog in the next few weeks, but now they won't be. Unless of course the guy who stole my camera decides to edit the footage and post the videos online. I was working on: an Ari Shiffrin video, a Brad Westcott video part, a Ryan Reyes video part, a Dylan Messer video part, and a mega video collage a bunch of other footage that I had filmed. But now, since the world is fucked and people are horrible, you won't get to see any of that stuff. Instead what I have is a bunch of old cell phone pictures from my newly activated phone that I used to use a few years ago.

The first of which is a nice old picture of my current house guest, Pat O Brian. I was also working on a really good video of his trip to Arizona, but that's for the thief's eyes only now. So instead you get a cell phone pic of him frontside nosesliding a big hubba in Indiana. I think Greg Piloto sent me this picture originally. Thanks Greg and thanks you piece of shit who stole my stuff. I hope you and the guy who stole my skateboard die in the same horrible methlab explosion!


  1. my phones been gone for the past two weeks now too

  2. this is a bunch of boo shee!!! look on the bright side, now you won't be a filmer/photographer, and can concentrate on filming your yeahboardshop part! Stay Old: part deuce.

  3. ^ he does have a point. good to see ya.