Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sent to me by: Steve Davenport

oldie but goodie board graphic
My favorite stickers.
Tim Armour and Brad Rogers
Thrasher magazine clowning on my work... pretty funny
Me getting my name dropped in Transworld
This ramp looks like fun
Old lady screen shot
Hide and his Downtown Struts pin
Hide looking happy outside of yeah
I used to see this kid around when he was a little kid. Garrett Van Arkel grown up nosemanny
Dgaf Tom exiting the wilson bowl, probably just before or just after a good hard slam
the text that came with this picture of me and ari on a woodward flyer just said 'coverage' which made me laugh
cj kelly in the wilson bowl, the paparazzi was heavy that night
chicago sign, makes me miss going there at night and skating
the loop, the funnest skate park in illinois


  1. Great picture of the Chicago skyline!

  2. dude, you think you could start paying me? i mean hundreds of people await each "sent to me by"...its the next logical step here. most skate mags can't even compete with such in depth reporting. get back to me.

  3. timmy arms gets stoned as balls