Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kevin Fisher

In honor of the Krooked 3D video coming out today, I'm posting this interview of the person who's probably the most excited about it: Kevin Fisher, or Kevinly as I (and everyone should) call him. Kevinly's been around for years and years and he's been silently killing it all along. He's got awesome style and does some seriously creative maneuvers, but he does it all when (he thinks) nobody's looking.

Name: kevin fisher

Top 3 favorite cities: tempe, chicago, bartlett! jjk i dunno places in california

Top 3 skateboarders: gonz, manderson, andrew pearl, pat burke

Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally: sublette, pfranx, everyone!

When was your prime? 5th grade

5 good bands: omg devo, japanther, talkin' heads, joy divish, and sonic youth for yew tim

5 tricks that you can’t do: psh switch tre bombz, no-blunt, spinny twizzler, sally can't dance.

Spirit animal: kitty

5 good books: calvin and hobbes,

What’s the worst? bummage, 100+degreez

What’s the best? cruizin the streets all day n all nite

3 good non skateboarders: don't know many

What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? drawnshit

What is your prized possession? mommy

What will end the world?in a bajillion years

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  1. wHERE da heyl is Andrew Pearl anyway?!