Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A long wind!

I just realized something. Four years ago today is the day that I packed up my car and left home. I had saved up about $3,500 from working all summer at a car dealership, and part time delivering Chinese food. $3,500.... I'm yet to reach anywhere near that amount of money since leaving my comfy home in Geneva, Illinois. I don't remember how I picked that day specifically to leave. I didn't have any deadlines or limitations, so I think that I must have just picked October 13th for no reason. I enlisted my good friend Zoe to ride along with me.

By the way, when I left home, I was California bound. Arizona was just going to be a pit-stop on the way to my new home/life in California. I was going to go out and stay with my friends in Santa Ana.

I was supposed to spend a year working, skating, and gaining my residency so I could go to school out there in sunny California.

It's fun to have plans, but it's more fun to look back at how my 'plans' have panned out.

On the way to make my 'move' to California, Zoe and I spent an awesome weekend skating in Arizona at all the parks. I still went to California but after a few months of watching Fuel TV, sitting in traffic, and hardly skating I decided to move to the desert and start all over again. Arizona seemed like a place where I could skate a lot more, with way fewer hassles. Again, I was going to spend a year working, skating, and gaining residency so I could go to school. But instead of doing so in sunny California, I chose to do so in Sunnier Arizona.

Again with the plans.

Here I am 4 years later. Working(sorta), skating, and still not in school due to residency issues. My plans haven't all come about exactly as.... um, planned, but I'm still really enjoying Arizona for what I wanted to enjoy Arizona for: the weather and the skateparks. I didn't anticipate meeting as many awesome people out here as I have over the years, but that's been a major bonus and a huge factor in how much I've enjoyed living here.

Anyway, I guess my point is this: The different sets of plans that I've made over the past few years haven't come to life, and my new plans(the ones that change almost everyday) might not come to life either, but who cares. As long as Tempe park is open every night and Venezia's stays in business, I'll be just fine.


  1. rad story, wow, i can't believe that it was waaaay back in 2005 that you left, man, time flies. it's awesome that life's detour made you so many great friends. that last pic is so dope.

  2. See, i told you Jesus did have a plan for you.