Friday, October 16, 2009

Deaf ears only please!

"nike will stop at nothing to penetrate every sport, every market, and find ways to sell you a sneaker, a shirt, or a ball."

That was the closing line of a CNBC documentary that I just watched about Nike. They talked a lot about Nike breaking into skateboarding and it made me furious. Skateboarders need to watch out for skateboarding, and the next generation of kids definitely isn't going to do it. Kids today think that Zumiez is a skateshop and the Nike is a skate shoe company.


  1. thank you. tell the people here, too. 'yeah is weak because they don't have nike and converse'

  2. Shut up Tim. Nike is sick as fuck, they are limited and come in cool colors and Koston wears em, and LUDA CROOKS is a 40 year old dude who gives himself nicknames.