Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mind blown.

I'm having trouble thinking of what to write about the thing that I want to write about. There are some really generic terms and phrases out there that get used way too often, and the result is that they lose meaning after a while. Sometimes they get used so much because it's just the easiest and most logical way to say something (ex. "I love you") and other times it's because people can instantly relate to the feeling you're trying to describe (ex. "one of those days"). This post is about me getting some mindblowing news today. I'm hesitant to use the word "mindblowing" because I'm afraid that it, like so many other things that we all say, is one of those terms that gets used too often and that it may be a bit watered down and less meaningful than it is intended to be.

The mindblowing news: My dad started a blog.

I'm sure that the build up for that wasn't worthy of the actual "mindblowing" news, but anyone who knows my dad will know exactly why I felt that my mind had been blown. BTW, When I say that my mind was blown, I don't mean that it literally exploded. Obviously, my mind is still in one piece. But when my brother told me that my dad had a blog and linked me to it, I literally couldn't think straight and I could not stop laughing. My brain actually couldn't process the information, so I just laughed because my brain didn't know what the proper reaction was. I wouldn't call that blown, but it did mess me up a little bit mentally to the point where I couldn't control myself from laughing.

The reason it's so mindblowing is that out of everyone on this planet that I personally know, he is honestly one of the very, very last people that I would ever think would ever, ever, ever start a blog. When I asked my mom to guess who started a blog and then almost immediately told her that it was my dad, she said that she could have guess 300 hundred people and on the 400th person she still wouldn't have guessed it was him! I think it's one of the most amazing things to happen in my lifetime.

Enough from me, go see what he has to say about this crazy ass world we live in. hahahahahahhahahahahaha I'm still giggly about it.

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  1. I'm am just BLOWN away... speechless... and I totally get the giggly part!!