Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Camp is about to start again! For a second I forgot how ridiculous Woodward is, and then I watched these and remembered.


  1. This is amazing, i'm still laughing. and so far, i've only watched the first one. brb

  2. ok, #2 was real good, too. It hit me that woodward should be paying whoever made these edits, instead of the goon bat who is making the 'real' edits, but that's neither here, nor there - as bart would say. if i was a kid seeing this, there would be no way to stop me from getting there. that, and a shirtless jim. brb for the final review.

  3. ok. video three was ok. jack johnson gave it some clout. buzzy's line was cute. your blast down the stairs to body clap was good. i'd like to see you make it.
    just one point: the dancing gymnast with the "ward " bulliten board was srsly lame. have you no shame? can you not stop? just come home. intervention, tim. intervention.