Friday, June 5, 2009


Bart caught a cat:

How he did it in his words: "i'm telling you right now. I set up shop out by the fire. so I make this trap that is so tech. I made three food dishes out of cardboard, one with chickin, one with salmon, and one with steak. so anyway, I make the trap.... I wake up every hour and chekc the trap. I wake up in the morning look at the trap... still set up... all the foods gone. I'm starting the think that she's killed or stolen or gone back to her owners. So I set up the trap again, again all the food's gone. I was so worried that something else was eating the food, So i put sand all around the trap to make sure it was little kitty tracks. I come out the next day and the trap was closed. So I hadn't seen her since friday morning and it was a monday so I hadn't seen her all weekend. So now I'm pissed and I want this fucking kitten, I've walked around the neighborhood looking under shit. I've pretty much have lost hope... I make a new trap. I take salmon, steak, turkey, and a meatball and mash em all up in like a meatball and set it up in the new trap.. I've pretty much completely lost hope, I went to wash my hands and saw that the new trap was down and assumed that it was just the wind had blown it over. I go out to check it the trap and I could just sense it dude... Can you imagine trying to catch a kitten for four days? I was obsessed! I went out and looked in the trap I saw a scared little kitten looking at me, and it wasn't just some scared kitten, it was the kitten I'd been trying to catch for four days. I almost cried. I called Tim like 5 times and he said that as soon as he saw the missed calls he knew.... That's why I think I was destined to catch her, I was destined to want to catch her."


  1. i love it. cat dude. prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.