Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I did all day today............

was catch up on these youtube vids. I saw some of these videos a while ago and forgot about them, then rediscovered them today. Ed Templeton is one of my all time hands down favorite skateboarders and people of all time ever hands down! Therefore Toy Machine and all that goes with it is perfect in everyway. I know this sounds grommy but it's just like old barny's talking about whoever they thought was cool and drooling as they do it. Ed Templeton is my Natas, my Gonz, my etc etc etc.

Anyway, these videos are awesome. There are 21 of them I think and they are just digi cam videos of the Toy Machine team skating and playing around. Ed Templeton makes guest appearances and when he does, it's gold. Enjoy. Or don't.

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