Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No homo?

So homo! I learned pivot to fakies on this ramp. More specifically, I learned pivot to fakies at about the same spot as those spray paint cans are. That trick is terrifying to try at first, but we get through it. Anyway, the ramp wasn't sky blue when I learned them though, it was still masonite colored with random graffiti all over it. It was painted blue for Steve Davs's 30th? birthday. Fun times were had. I never carved over the rainbow, which is weak sauce. Especially since Tim was doing kickflip wallrides? over it drunk and Ben was doing switch frontside carves over it. I'm a punk, but at least I learned pivot to fakies and then got famous for them! No homo.


  1. i am a retarded because all this "no homo" all over the place. i don't get it. no homo? wtf? jah ward, can you explain?