Sunday, August 28, 2011

Larry Bao

Name: Larry Bao

Top 3 favorite cities:
nyc, tempe in the winter, indianapolis or where ever the friends are

Top 3 skateboarders:
romero, kirchart, hsu

Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally:
pat binkley, michael shafer, brad westcott

When was your prime?
2 years ago

5 good bands:
jesus and mary chain, the exploding hearts, the strokes, rosie and the originals, htrk

5 good songs:
the parasails- magic carpet, tiny yong- le sauvage, jesus and mary chain- kill surf city, francoise hardy- comment te dire adieu, the chromatics- mask

5 tricks that you can’t do:
any flip trick that has a flip in it

Spirit animal:
red panda

5 good books:
women by bukowski, cats cradle; breakfast of champions; slaughterhouse five by vonnegut, the fall by camus

What’s the worst?

What’s the best?
the night time

3 good non skateboarders:
bukowski, mamet, vonnegut

What do you like to do outside of skateboarding?
watch good movies and take pictures

What is your prized possession?

What will end the world?
when every dies

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