Saturday, May 28, 2011

final blog post?

My two and half week trip to my homeland of Geneva, Illinois is drawing to a close. Due to lack of motivation to contribute to the intense oversaturation of the blog world, I have not been taking many pictures from my trip. Blogs are the new facebooks, and I'm over em all. Lucky for me, my St. Louis friends aren't yet tired of updating their blog so my trip down to their hood was well documented on the Pretty Skateboards blog. I really like the scene down there in St. Louis I'm psyched on all the dudes I met and skated with while I was there. Sorry to anyone who cares about my blog (bobby and worful), maybe I'll get psyched again.


  1. Get psyched again! I LOVE your blog Tim! So does everyone else! Don't be so anti-anti.

  2. srsly. how else can your dearest friends who live far away keep up on your happenings? writing letters is so un-cool, and phone calls are so 1990's. if you de-blog, you are going to make all your dedicated fans real sad. we await your response.