Monday, April 18, 2011

Brad Rogers 30th

Brad Rogers is 30! Crazy that I met this dude when he was 16 and I've known him for this long.

How else do you celebrate your 30th.... drinking a beer on the slip and slide duh

Chris Fetter, another dude who's about to be in his 30s isn't too old for a little slipping and sliding

Chris is well traveled, you can tell that in the way he slip and slides

Kryger got slippy slidy too

with a personal filmer to capture the moves

cute pic

little breather!

Chris tried talking Bart into slippin, Bart wasn't feeling it!

Then he felt it!

My personal favorite from the day... "REVERSE!"

"Safety First"

"Built to Shred"

Bart got some more ideas

not everyone made it out alive... Peter Baker's slip and slide carnage!

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