Monday, February 28, 2011

Waiting for Superman

I just finished watching a documentary called Waiting for Superman. The movie is about the schools in America. It's sad at some parts, and sorta hopeful at others. Teachers are some of the most important people that we ever come across in our lives, and all of us who grew up with the ability to go to school are lucky. Unfortunately, not all schools and teachers are good at what they're hired to do. I'd like to think that if being a teacher was a high paying job that more people would want to become teachers and then there would be more competition and higher standards for what teachers are responsible for doing. Making teachers more accountable for earning their high salaries would improve the quality of the education that kids receive. I don't know enough about the situation to back up what I'm saying, but it's just a thought.

What do you teacher types think? (charlie, jamie, etc............)

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  1. it's crazy man. there's issues on every level: the school, the family, the kid, the community, the teacher, society... the list goes on and on. some days it is totally disheartening, i work at a nice private school with kids who have all the resources in the world and they don't care. their parents think we owe them A's not an education. parents act like if a kid struggles it's my fault and i need to clear that up ASAP. not that their kid is overbooked with activities or in over their head in my class, just that their kid is great and i'm the issue. on the other side of the coin are kids who want to be something but their school can't support them (or won't). communities where education is laughed at.

    but then there are days where a kid i've worked with finally gets it, or tells me about their passion for something. what they want to be or where they see themselves in 10 years.

    honestly, i think it's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.