Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here you go Kryger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catfacemeowmers showed up in Arizona this past weekend! The photos and footy are mixed and scattered, and I don't care to spend the time to organize them.

Chris Fetter and Straight Edge Steve

Coffee drinkers they all are

California boys in what should be called the 'bird bath'

Brad and Ben are close...... very close.


special guest Bart Jones

Bart attempting to still skate......

Ben back tails in the birdbath.

Ben back tail shuv the birdbath.

Ben backsidenosegrind180out!

Ben kickflip to fakie big surfy

Brad Rogers nollieshuv manny

Chris Fetter tailslides the birdbath

and again....

Lester boardsliding to fakie

Straight edge steve falling in the birdbath

Straight edge steve completes his lipslide mission!


  1. I hear the second leg of the catface tour is coming to this area.

  2. pek legs heading to IL. to FREEZE